Ferro Carril Oeste, Estadio Arquitecto Ricardo Etcheverrí


Ferro Carril Oeste were founded, as the name suggests by workers of the Buenos Aires Western Railway. The club is based in the Caballito (little horse) neighbourhood of the city, meaning it is one of the most centrally  located stadiums, in terms of proximity to the Microcentro.


The ground itself has one large stand with a smaller terrace. Interestingly  the ground hosts music concerts, so a large scaffolding stage stood along one side of the pitch, obstructing the view from the adjacent apartment blocks.


I noted precisely one man (without his dog) surveying proceedings from his balcony… B Nacional (Second Division) football not the biggest draw then. The fans who did attend were in good spirits and attempted to demonstrate as passionate a display of fandom as any of the more illustrious clubs – if not as densely populated.


With just one team promoted and one team relegated from the 22 team division, there was little to play for for two lower mid table teams. Central de Córdoba from Santiago del Estero rode their luck before missing a penalty. Ferro probably deserved it, when they scored a penalty themselves in the second half.


Not much quality, but still some dedicated followers for the club with two titles to their name: the 1982 & 1984 Torneo Nacionales, with Hector Cuper among the winning team. A big shout out to the crowd from Plaza Irlanda for representing.


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