Who is the Pibe?

The Pibe de Barrio is a state of mind, located somewhere between the physical and emotional; the Pibe is an essence of being; he’s you and me, he’s the the nextdoor neighbour ringing your bell incessantly to fetch his ball for the 5th time that day; the Pibe is Lionel Messi on the streets of Rosario, he’s Lionel Messi pirouetting around defenders under the lights of the Camp Nou; he’s the 7,000 footballers transferred from Argentina yearly; garra, poniendo más huevos, passion, community; being born, bred, and dying one team, that’s the Pibe. The Pibe is Football, Football is the Pibe.

When the Pibe is unavailable though, I’m Killian, an Irishman who fell in love with Buenos Aires, in large part due to it’s incredible football culture.

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