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Matchday Experiences

The Pibe has achieved Maradona levels of popularity among travelling fans the last few years. So to try and please everyone, while maintaining authenticity, the Matchday Experience was  born, including:

->Match Tickets

->Experienced Bilingual Guide 

->Transport to the game form a central location

->Food and drink

– >Answers to as many questions as you can ask!

On a Buenos Aires football Matchday Experience all you have to do is show up and enjoy the day. Tickets, security, pre-match food and drink, and getting to, and inside the stadium, is all taken care of. 

Look, listen, feel, revel in the sights and sounds of the stadium, practice your Agite and take a few photos to remember the passion.

Pibe de Barrio Style

While trying to give as many people as possible a taste of the excitement and enthusiasm of going to the cancha, we want to keep things genuine as much as possible. The Pibe takes his football seriously…

-> The meeting point will be as central as possible with the idea of spending as little time as possible in transit (even avoiding it if possible).
So some of you may have to see a bit more of the city than others on your way to meet us, depending on the game.

-> We travel on public transport where possible to do it like the real fans, to get some build-up and to see the fans.
It also means you save money on an overpriced minibus… The Pibe has your back.

-> Our focus is the football – in most cases we have a relaxing beer and choripán before jumping into the cauldron. However as you’ll learn when you arrive, BA bars have strange opening times, some neighbourhoods have a pretty meager selection, and fans don’t always warm up right outside the stadium.
We’ll pick the best, most authentic option possible, while always prioritising the football

-> “Are they good seats?”
Yes, we’ll pick the best spots possible in the ground to get a good view and feel of the Barrra Brava bouncing and chanting for 90 minutes; that ensures safety; and that is available for visiting groups with a good view of the pitch.
While Argentine grounds have great character and have a special charm, they can be  quite old and dated. The most expensive seats are not necessarily more comfortable and have a flatter atmosphere so we’ll marry the best mix of all factors.

-> We’re sure you’ve been to football games before, but remember it’s a different culture and context in Buenos Aires.  Your guide know the story and will ensure you get through the numerous security checks and are comfortable inside.
This is Argentina, things don’t always go to plan and patience is essential sometimes – but everything will be fine in the the end, trust the Pibe and your guide!

-> Most games finish late so the aftermath is decided on a case by case basis.
Sometimes we stick around for a beer, sometimes it’s best to split taxis and get back to the meeting point, others want to get rush off to eat steak at the restaurant they reserved…
On the day we’ll decide what’s the best plan for the whole group.

Why only Experiences?

Buenos Aires is paradise for football fans, but the clubs seem to want to make it as difficult as possible for visitors to go to games…It’s definitely possible to suss out the system yourself if you have time.

But let’s be honest, who wants to spend days and hours of your trip to Argentina working out Racing’s website? Or pleading with Independiente to accept card? Queuing for hours the day before the match at River Plate? Trying to figure out if the scalper at Boca Juniors is trustworthy enough to pay $200….?


For smaller clubs and lower division teams, you can generally buy on the gate with cash.
While you will probably have no problem at the stadiums, remember some the areas these clubs are located can be quite dangerous so it’s best to go by day, knowing your route. It helps to have a Spanish–speaker with you as well.
Feel free to ask the Pibe for advice if you are doubtful.

 Viva el choripan, viva la revolución, viva el Pibe.


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