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José Amalfitani - El Fortín

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Vélez Sarsfield game @ El Fortín


Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Ciudad de Buenos Aires



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Deep inside Buenos Aires, Liniers hides one of the privileged clubs to have won a Copa Libertadores and Intercontinental. Vélez is one of the most representative clubs of the country, and proud to be self-recognized as “the first club to be big”. Many times mocked for having no supporters, the truth is that their stadium is excessive in capacity (built for the rugby national team to play) so don’t get confused: Vélez is one of the Buenos Aires football gems.

Where we'll meet - Our group will meet in Palermo neighbourhood. Your bilingual guides will explain the context of Argentine football, the day’s game and Vélez’s history. More importantly, they’ll let you know exactly what you need to do and be aware of to be one of the lucky few to gain entry into “El Fortín”.

The Build-Up - We’ll do the previa (pre-match) at a local bar and grab the rapid bus and head to Liniers, home of Vélez. We’ll mingle with Vélez fans and learn their traditions, especially how to do the correct wrist-flick for our agite. Your guide will accompany you in reduced groups (6-8 pax) to the correct entrance gate, through the squeeze of security controls and police checkpoints, and finally into the ground.

The match - Through the turnstiles and up the stairs - the José Amalfitani is spectacular for a neighbourhood club in Argentina. It is a great opportunity to have an incredible visibility as it is one of the few that has no wire-fence (but a moat!) so you’ll be a couple of meters away from the players and feel the warmth of the support coming from La Pandilla in the terraces.

The Come-Down - The game is over but memories are forever. You’ll head back to Juan B Justo Avenue, just in front of the stadium, and grab a bus or taxi with your guide back to the city.


  • Beer/soft drink, and a burger/choripan 🍺🍔

  • Match Ticket  🎟

  • Experience Bilingual Guide - to translate, answer your questions and keep everyone safe 😀

This experience includes public transportation.

What you need

  • National Photo ID (not a copy/screenshot)
  • Very casual clothing and comfortable footwear for walking/standing (dress-down!)
  • Coats/jackets for the cold/rain
  • You can bring your phone to take pictures
  • Leave your valuables at home and travel light - no handbags, make-up, power banks, water bottles, lighters, umbrellas… these will be confiscated
  • Some cash if you want to buy something extra as credit cards are not often accepted
  • Your psyched-up self, it will be intense!

Important to know

  • For some clubs, tickets are very hard to come by and are available exclusively to members, to sponsors, or can only be found through various levels of re-sale. For others, tickets are available but can only be bought in-person, with local ID/bank cards, or through various other inventive ways of wasting your time. We will make sure to find tickets for you and guarantee their authenticity.
  • The access to the stadium is filled with different controls and security checks in which police and fans get mixed up, sometimes creating tension. Our expert guides have navigated these sites dozens of times, know the ins and outs, and can anticipate and handle these situations so you don’t have to.
  • Many football fans in Argentina are not used to seeing tourists and barely speak English. In a way, this is what makes our experience truly authentic, and we will help with Spanish so no language barriers affect your match-day.
  • Many supporters will appreciate it if you show your support through your clothing, by wearing the club's merchandise like a shirt, beanie, jacket, etc. Dressing with the club colours will be fine, but if you want a jersey make sure to take a look at our store. Away fans are not allowed in Argentina.
  • Football in Argentina is an amazing subculture. Our expert guide will let you know everything you need about the context of the game, the history of the clubs, the traditional pre-game rituals, the meaning of the songs you will hear, the significance of the flags and symbols, and more.
  • The chaos and unpredictability in Argentine football are what makes it uniquely beautiful, and uniquely frustrating. The League often decides fixtures at the last moment, and changes can happen late on also. If this is the case, we will let you know in advance for you to make a decision according to your availability.


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