Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before purchasing experiences, if you have other questions, please just send it to

Our experiences last approximately 5 hours. We usually gather 2.5 hours before kick-off to enjoy the atmosphere in the surroundings of the stadium, have a couple of drinks and meet the rest of the group. The game will last around 2 hours and then we will return to the meeting point.
We strongly recommend wearing the club’s jersey to act and feel like a real fan. If that’s not possible, wear the club’s colours and avoid specific colours that are identified with the club’s rival. We will give clear instructions on this as it will depend on each team and game being played. We recommend to dress down, and dress down again. Most people wear casual sports clothes and trainers to the stadium - comfy footwear is essential as at certain ground like the Bombonera we go to the standing section. Leave any valuables at home to avoid complications. Items such as umbrellas, power banks, lighters, make-up etc. will be confiscated by stadium security.
With your Pibe de Barrio guide you will be safe. Some clubs and neighbourhoods are safer than others. All of our guides speak the local lingo and have vast experience and know how to handle complicated situations with fans, police and other contingencies. Safety is a priority and we will not take unnecessary risks. The Pibe will be responsible for you at every moment and look after the group, letting you know what is possible and what is better to avoid.
Yes, you can book multiple matches in our ticket portal. Alternatively, contact us to arrange a custom experience.
Yes! We love going to football games when travelling and we enjoy organising trips for visitors in Argentina as well. We organise football weeks / weekends and have great tips for non-match day experiences such as museums, football bars and other hidden gems. Please fill out the form telling us what you have in mind and we will get back to you.
All of the Pibes speak fluent English and Spanish, with a sprinkle of Portuguese also.
We accept the following payment methods: Paying with a credit/debit card through Shopify Payments: - Visa - MasterCard - Discover - American express - Paypal
For returns or exchanges, please read Refund & Exchange Policy, or contact us to
Our guides have been countless times to many different football stadiums in Argentina. The Pibe will usually be an authentic supporter of the club you will be watching, so he can teach you the history, the songs, and share with you the secrets and what makes the club so special to him/her. Our guides are trustworthy leaders that can resolve any issues and have a deep understanding of the football environment in Argentina as well as being bilingual.
The Pibe will most commonly pick the ticket locations for you, considering a good combination between the atmosphere of the sector, the viewability of the game and the overall safety of the location. Tickets are not always available in every sector of the stadium so locations will vary according to the team.
If you want to come watch a football game and you are under 18, you will have to come with your parents or legal guardian and it will be possible depending on the game. The experience is designed with adults in mind as it might involve walking certain distances and we usually meet in a bar for some beers which will not be the case for people under 18. In some stadiums we are standing so children would have limited visibility. Please let us know whenever this is the case so we can prepare the plan accordingly.
We are fully inclusive and do not limit our experience to any group. However, it is not common for stadiums in Argentina to be accessible for people with mobility issues (none have elevators and ramps are rarely seen). If you have any disability or mobility problem, please let us know beforehand and we will try to suggest the most suitable experience for you.
The matchday experience includes a bilingual experienced guide to keep you safe, give you the context and assist with entry to and exit from the stadium. Some food and drink and a match ticket is also included. Where necessary, public transport is also included.
For various reasons beyond the control of Pibe De Barrio, the Argentinian league fixtures may be altered at short notice. In those cases your experience will be valid for another game of equal value. Similarly, in very few cases the usual processes for acquiring tickets are changed at short notice. If it is not possible to attend the game you will be offered an alternative experience or a refund should you choose.
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