Pibe de Barrio, lad from the neighbourhood. The Pibe best represents what football in Buenos Aires and Argentina means to us. A floppy haired kid using the tyres on the car parked in the street for goalposts; the Pibe is Lionel Messi on the streets of Rosario, he's Lionel Messi pirouetting around defenders under the lights of the Camp Nou; he's the 7,000 footballers transferred from Argentina yearly; garra, poniendo más huevos, passion, community; being born, bred, and dying one team, that's the Pibe. That same understanding of the Pibe is in the mind of every fan agitando on the terraces of the Popular from Buenos Aires and across the Pampas in every direction. From day 1 we’ve been determined to uncover the world of Argentine football in an authentic and genuine way - the way a true fan watches the game, the way the Pibe would have it be. We’ll take care of the plan, the safety, the tickets, the language and (most importantly) the beer. So you can enjoy the immersion into the world of fútbol and release your inner Pibe.

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